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Techniques used in this stitch (British term / American term):

Chain stitch – ch

Slip stitch - slt

Double crochet / Single crochet – dc/sc

Treble / Double crochet – tr / dc

Shell: work 3tr/dc + 1ch + 3tr/dc in same ch (or in shell below).

Stitch – st

Foundation Chain: Multiples of 6 + 4

Row 1: Skip 6ch, * make shell in next ch, 10 ch, make slt in last tr/dc of shell: insert hook through two loops of tr/dc and make slt,

skip 5ch; rep from *, make shell in next ch, 1tr/dc in last ch and turn.

Row 2: Make 3ch, * shell in shell (in space of 1ch of shell below), 12ch; rep from*, shell in last shell, 1t/dc in 6th ch (in 3rd ch for all next rows), turn.

Repeat row 2 until you have reached your desired length.

Making knitting loops:

Insert hook through loop of 10ch of Row 1 and pick up the bottommost strand of 12ch (of Row 2).

Then, pull strand of 12ch through loop on hook to form a new loop.

Repeat preceding step until last strand of 12ch has been worked.


Work 1st finishing row instead of working Row 2: Make 3ch, * shell in shell, 1ch; rep from *, shell in shell, 1tr/dc in 3rd ch, turn.

2nd finishing row: Make 5ch, * 1dc/sc in shell, 2ch, 1dc/sc in last loop, 2ch; rep form *, 1dc/sc in shell, 2ch, 1tr/dc in 3rd ch, fasten off.

Cotton 100%

Colors & Rows: * 1 & 2 – blue; 3 & 4 – white *.

Cotton 100%

Colors & Rows: 1 – teal; 2 – cyan; 3 – see green; 4 – lawn green; 5 – pale green; 6 – beige; 7 – peach; 8 – pale green; 9 – lawn green; 10 – see green; 11 – cyan; 12 – teal.

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