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Colorwork crochet library

Collection of crochet colorwork patterns


crochet digital library (#2)

Are you passionate about color and like to combine many colors , creating your own unique design?

Slip stitch ribbing is an excellent choice for making accessories, clothes, afghans and beautiful items for your home decor.

You need to know only two crochet basic stitches to create most of the colorwork designs: chain stitch to starting foundation; and slip stitch for the bulk of the project.

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Most popular free stitches:

Crochet shell stitch

Solid Crochet shell stitch

Crochet butterfly stitch

Multicolored Crochet butterfly stitch

Crochet box stitch

Solid Crochet box stitch

Crochet rosebud stitch

Multicolored Crochet rosebud stitch

Crochet textured shell stitch

Solid Crochet textured shell stitch

Crochet heart stitch

Multicolored Crochet heart stitch


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