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Crochet ball ornament


Feel free to use any type of yarn (or even thread) for your project. Most yarns have the recommended crochet hook size on the label.

Techniques used in this stitch

UK / US crochet term:

Chain stitch – ch

Double crochet / Single crochet – dc / sc

Treble / Double crochet – tr/dc

Triple picot

Slip stitch – sl.st

Row 1: take yarn of white color and make 2 ch, work in last ch 5 dc/sc, sl.st in ch.

Row 2: 1 ch, * 1dc/sc in dc/sc below, 1 triple picot, 1 ch; rep from* 4 times, sl. st in ch.

Triple picot:

make 3 chs, look at the pictures given below and insert hook through two loops of dc/sc, make sl.st.

Work 5 chs, insert hook in the same space and work sl.st. Again make 3 chs, insert hook in the same space and make sl.st.

Row 3: fasten red color yarn in space of 1 ch and work 4 tr/dc in this space. Work 5 tr/dc in next spaces of 1 ch and sl,st in third ch.

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Work for ball 12 motifs. Sew motifs together using yarn needle. The chart below helps you to do it in right way.

Stuff ball firmly with polyfill.

Sew beads onto ball and join ribbon to top of your ornament.

100% Wool

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