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Crochet flower hexagon


Feel free to use any type of yarn (or even thread) for your project. Most yarns have the recommended crochet hook size on the label.

Techniques used in this stitch

UK / US crochet term:

Chain stitch – ch

Slip stitch – sl.st

Double crochet / Single crochet – dc / sc

Treble / Double crochet – tr/dc

Stitch - st

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Round 1: Make 5ch and work in last ch * 1tr/dc, 1ch, rep from * 10 more times, sl.st in 3rd ch, sl.st in space of 4ch.

Round 2: Make * 5ch, 1dc/sc in next space of 1ch; rep from *10 more times, 2ch, 1tr/dc in 1st ch.

Round 3: Work 5ch, 1tr/dc in space of 2ch and tr/dc below, * 1ch, make 1tr/dc + 2ch + 1tr/dc in space of 5ch; rep form * 10 more times, 1ch, sl/st in 3rd ch.

Round 4: Make 3ch, 3tr/dc in space of 5ch, 1dc/sc in space of 1ch. Then work 7ch, insert hook around 3ch of 1st round (see pictures) and work 1dc/sc.

Make 2ch, turn and work into space of 7ch: 2dc/sc, 10tr/dc. Then work 4tr/dc in space of 2ch of 3rd round.

Repeat last step: *1dc/sc in space of 1ch, 7ch, 1dc/sc around next tr/dc of 1st round, 2ch, turn, work 2dc/sc + 10tr/dc into space of 7ch, 4tr/dc in space of 2ch; rep from * 9 more times.

Work 1dc/sc in space of 1ch, 7ch, 1dc/sc around next tr/dc of 1st round, 2ch, turn, work 2dc/sc + 10tr/dc into space of 7ch, sl.st in 3rd ch.

Round 5: Work 1ch, *insert hook through 2tr/dc of 1st petal (see picture) and work 1dc/sc, 5ch; rep from * 11 more times over each of the next petal. Then work 5ch, sl.st in ch.

Round 6: 1ch, work 7dc/sc in each of the next space of 5ch, sl.st in ch.

Round 7: 8ch, skip 7st, *1dc/sc in next, 7ch, skip 6st; rep from* 9 more times, 1dc/sc in next st, 7ch, sl/st in 1st ch.

Round 8: 9ch, *1dc/sc in dc/sc below, 8ch; rep from * 10 more times, sl.st in ch.

Round 9: 10ch, *1dc/sc in dc/sc below, 9ch; rep from * 10 more times, sl.st in ch.

Round 10: Make 4ch, * work 4tr/dc + 3ch + 4tr/dc in next dc/sc below, 1ch, 8tr/dc in next dc/sc, 1ch; rep from* 4 ore times, 4tr/dc + 3ch + 4tr/dc in next dc/sc below, 1ch, 7tr/dc in 1st ch of round below, sl.st in 3rd ch.


Join motifs in last round. For shells with 3ch between work next steps: 4tr/dc in dc/sc below, 1ch, 1dc/sc in space of 3ch of the opposite motif, 1ch, 4tr/dc in thr same dc/sc below.

For 8tr/dc shells work next: 3tr/dc in the same dc/sc, drop the loop from your hook, insert your hook through 2 loops of the corresponding stitch on the opposite motif, grab the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch. Work 1tr/dc the same dc/sc and repeat preceding step. Finish the shell working 4tr/dc.

To make petals in two or more colors, change the yarn each time after you make dc/sc in space of 1ch.

Materials: hook size 4/0 - 2.5mm and 100% cotton, 50g - 250m.

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