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Collection of classical crochet stitches

More than 220+ stitches

MyPicot crochet digital library is a collection of more than 300+ versatile crochet stitch patterns that can be worked using any thread or yarn.

Crochet library includes crochet diagrams for each pattern and step-by-step tutorial-instructions with photos for 220+ stitches.

Offline viewing and printing

With advanced access you can easy download step-by-step instructions and diagrams to your device for offline viewing and printing.

A one-time payment gives you unlimited access to MyPicot crochet patterns.

Offline viewing and printing

Download crochet step-by-step instructions and diagrams for offline viewing and printing. Use them anytime and anywhere!

Get all patterns in one click

Get diagrams for more than 300+ stitches and printable step-by-step instructions for 220+ stitches just in one click.

Unlimited access

Unlimited access to MyPicot crochet patterns for one-time payment. No monthly subscriptions!

Instant download

Once you purchase advanced access, you will receive an email with a link to the crochet digital library.

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Order advanced access to MyPicot crochet digital library and get 2 e-book for free. Flower Crochet e-book and Crochet Patterns 2013 e-book contain more than 120 crochet patterns and diagrams.

Some patterns from the e-books:

Advanced access

to MyPicot crochet digital library
one-time payment

  • Unlimited access to crochet patterns.
  • 220+ step-by-step tutorial-instructions
  • 300+ crochet diagrams
  • + Gift 2 e-books: Flower Crochet e-book and Crochet Patterns 2013 e-book

Free vs. Advanced access

Compare free and advanced access:




Price free of charge per month $20.99 one-time payment
300+ crochet diagrams
for offline viewing and printing
220+ step-by-step tutorial-instructions
for offline viewing and printing
One-click download of all patterns + 2 e-books -

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us in case your question is not answered yet!

Once you purchase advanced access, a link to the crochet library will be automatically sent to your email.
We do not have hard copies of crochet diagrams and step-by-step instructions. We do not send patterns by post mail. All our stitches are only for electronic delivery over the Internet.

This link will take you to a MyPicot crochet digital library web page. Once you are on the webpage, you can download crochet patterns in two ways:

1. The crochet library has the preview images of each pattern with download buttons for the diagrams and step-by-step instructions. So, you can choose which one to download.

2. You can download all the patterns just in one click. On the web page you will find a download link to an archive of crochet patterns.

You can download patterns to your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or iPad.

Diagrams and step-by-step instructions are presented as PDF files. To view them, you will need a PDF viewer program installed on your device.

The archive with crochet patterns is presented as Zip file. Zipped (compressed) files take up less storage space and can be downloaded to other devices more quickly than uncompressed files. Zipped file can be easily opened on Windows, Mac OS and Android devices.

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We are a small family business of creative people who are passionate about needlework and love to make things filled with love and positivity.

Here we share our ideas and spirits with you, putting it into our crochet patterns. We are happy if you find this place inspiring, fulfilling and unifying.

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