Conditions of use for MyPicot website content.

All imagery, photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, interactive step-by-step PDF instructions, and diagrams are copyrighted by MyPicot. All rights are reserved.

Please don't sell MyPicot content in any format and don't make any modifications to pages, pictures, diagrams, and text in the interactive PDF files.

Please don't distribute the files that you have purchased, whether in digital or physical form. When you buy a digital pattern, you're not buying the rights to the design.

Using MyPicot images and interactive step-by-step PDF files

If you want to post MyPicot images on your blog or website you have to adhere to the following policies:

  • you are not permitted to make any modifications to the images and diagrams, such as merging multiple images into one, extracting fragments of image to make a new one, deleting or adding any text or signatures.

  • Please don't post tutorial images which illustrate a step-by-step crochet process of a stitch.

  • Please don't make any video content using MyPicot images.

  • Your blog or website should be easy for users to navigate. That means your blog or website may not redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, have pop-ups that interfere with site navigation.

  • If you post MyPicot images on your blog or website please give credit with a link back to MyPicot index webpage or webpage of a stitch.

  • Please don't post direct links to MyPicot interactive PDF files, such as diagrams, instructions and tutorials.

Selling crochet patterns

Please don't sell patterns made from MyPicot crochet stitches whether in physical or digital form.

Selling finished items

You are welcome to sell items made from MyPicot crochet stitches in small quantities, but please give credit with a link back to MyPicot website.

Translating MyPicot patterns

If you'd like to translate MyPicot crochet patterns, please contact us about it at the following email address Permission will be given on a case-by-case basis. Letting us know how many crochet patterns you want to translate.

How give credit with a link back to MyPicot website?

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