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Today I tried to make out a crochet dress from Cynthia Steffe.

1. Work begins with a lace insertion (whith pass through a bow). It is marked by red for the front and sleeves on the picture.

I tried to make a similar insertion, in the picture the arrow indicates the direction of satin ribbon for bow. Below is a diagram.

2. After insertion the front, back and sleeves works in two directions: up and down.

Clik image to zoom it:

This is pattern for the upper part of front, back and sleeves.

3. The lower part of front, back and sleeves extends to the bottom edge. It depends on the special part  in which works even distribution increasing of  trs/dc . This increasing part is crocheted instead of a small part of the stitch pattern. This is well illustrated in the diagram. The dress has six such increasing parts.

Thus, the skirt and sleeves are hexagonal bell

This is pattern for the lower part of front, back and sleeves.

The increasing part. R - is the part in wich works one increasing (1 increasing for 4 rows).

4. Edges.

This dress has two types of edges the top and bottom. The top edging crocheted by shell stitches and for bottom works wave edgings.


Top edge:

Bottom edge:

And this is another excellent version of such dresses I found in web.