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Crochet Narrow Danby Lace #18


Feel free to use any type of yarn (or even thread) for your project. Most yarns have the recommended crochet hook size on the label.

Techniques used in this stitch

Chain stitch – ch

Double crochet / Single crochet – dc/sc

Treble / Double crochet – tr / dc

Double treble / Treble – d.tr / tr

Make 10 foundation chains.

Row 1: 4 ch miss, 6 d.tr / tr decrease (work 6 incomplete d.tr/tr, then yarn over hook and draw through all loops. Turn.

Row 2: ch 5, 1 dc/sc in first foundation ch. Turn

Row 3: 4 ch, 6 tr/dc with 3 ch between in space of 5 ch, 1 d.tr/tr in last foundation ch. Turn.

Row 4: 12 ch, 1 dc/sc in space of 3 ch between second and third tr/dc. Turn.

Row 5: 4 ch, work decrease of 6 d.tr / tr in next 6 ch. Turn.

Row 6: work like Row 2.

Row 7: work like Row 3, but at the end work 1 d.tr/tr in the same ch the last incomplete d.tr/tr was made.

Repeat 4 - 7 rows.

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