Irish Crochet:

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Techniques used in this stitch:

Chain stitch – ch

Double crochet / Single crochet – tr / dc

Treble / Double crochet – tr / dc

Picot of 4 chan stitches - Picot. Please visit this PAGE to view how to crochet picot.

For this flower I use yarn of two colours: Filo Di Scozia #8 – cotton 100%, 340m/50g, crochet hook 1.30mm.

The work begins with ring of 6 chain foundation ( work 6 chs and in last chain from hook).

Work 1 round: make 1 chain, 16 dc/sc in ring and slip stitch in chain.

Work 2 round: 1 ch, * 1dc/sc, 4 chs, miss 1 stitch, repeat from * 7 times, slip stitch in chain.

Work 3 round: 1 ch, than for first petal work in space of 4 chs: 1 dc/sc, 1 h.dc, 3 tr/dc, 1 h.dc, 1 dc/sc.

Work next seven petals in the same manner, slip stitch in chain.

Work 4 round: 1 ch, taking the hook from the back, insert hook between trebles to front and in space of 4 chs ( chains of second round are over the hook).

Yarn over and drop through.

Yarn over and drop through two loops on the hook ( you get 1 dc/sc), 2 chs.

Work dc/sc in next petal in the same manner.

On this picture you can see that two petals with dc/sc behind are elevated compared to the other petals.

Continue work dc/sc in next petals in the same manner, slip stitch in first dc/sc of this round.

Back view of 4 round.

Making a padding cord

We will use a padding cord for irish crochet patterns. Crocheting around the padding cord makes patterns more textured and resistant to stretching. I prefer heavily padded irish crochet and I use extremely thick padding cord which consist of 8 threads. If you wish to get more softer patterns you should make the padding cord with smaller quantity of threads. For crocheting flower's big petals we will use yarn of another color. So, take a piece of the yarn of this color about 500 cm and fold it four times. Lay aside this padding cord because we will use it in 6th round.

Work 5th round: make 12 chs.

Miss 1 ch and work 1 dc/sc, 1, 8 tr/dc, 1 in next 11 chs.

Make slip stitch in dc/sc of previous round.

Make next 6 petals in the same manner.

For making 6th round we should connect padding cord to pattern. Take the padding cord and fold it in half. Insert the hook into the loop in the middle.

Yarn over and drop through this loop.

Yarn over and through 2 loops on the hook. Now we can start to crochet 6th round. We will work dc/sc with picot around each big petal and padding cord will be inside.

Make 1 ch.

Insert hook into second stitch of first big petal (this is second chain of 12 chs of the first petal). The padding cord is above the hook.

Yarn over and drop through. The padding cord is between working thread and second loop on the hook.

Yarn over and drop through all lops. Now we have 1 dc/sc with padding cord inside.

Make next dc/sc in the same manner, than work 4 chs for picot. At the picture arrow shows where the hook will be inserted.

Insert hook into this place.

Finish picot by slip stitch.

Work 3 dc/sc and picot in the same manner.

At the top make picot and continue work at opposite side.

Work 1 dc/sc in slip stich of previous round.

Continue work next petals in the same manner.

At the end work slip stitch in slip stitch of previous round and fasten off . Cut the working thread for length of 10-15 cm and padding cord for length of 5-7 cm.

Back view of flower pattern.

Run the yarn tails through a few stitches on the backside of the flower with a needle and trim off.

Fasten tails of padding cord to backside of the flower with a needle and trim off all threads.

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