Crochet Yarn.

Historically, Irish lace is crocheted by cotton yarn. But early only fine linen thread was used. Linen thread was no different smoothness and evenness. Therefore, it is replaced by cotton. In addition, the cotton thread was cheaper and easier to wash out. And with the invention of process mercerization thread  the yarn quality has improved and cottons began to shine.

At present, the industry offers a large selection of different yarns for crochet. For the lace yarn is preferable to select, based on compliance with weight and length of the ball of yarn. For example, crochets formed in the classic 50-gram bolls, in which the 350-500 yards of thread. Ideal Classic Crochet (Size 10) company «Aunt Lydia''s» or «J & P Coats».


For Irish crochet motifs can be used yarn with thick filaments, ie, containing 50 grams in balls with 150-170 yards. But if the product will be monophonic it is important to pick the exact monochromatic color yarns of varying thickness. For bourdon can be used a thicker yarn, but be sure of one tone from the main thread. To avoid errors, it is best to pick a different yarn of one manufacturer and pay attention to the correspondence sheet color.

Also you can use modern linen thread for Irish lace. Linen yarn, usually contains a portion of the cotton, which increases its strength and makes it softer. Linen thread can be combined with cotton. That is, do the motifs of the linen thread and the connection of the mesh of cotton, which will only emphasize the individuality of motifs.


In addition, the present Irish lace is often converted into the free form crochet -  FREEFORM,. For this purpose, can be used  wool yarn. For this jacket  was used ANGORA BATIK for motifs (602 yards  - 100g yards) and KID MOHAIR for mesh (382 yards - 30g.).

Crochet Hooks.

As a rule, the Irish lace require selection of hooks into compliance with several requirements:

- crochet hook should correspond thickness of the used yarn;

- The tip of the crochet hook must be sharp enough, because motifs, crocheted around bourdon, different by density, and the hook should be free to penetrate into the densely-located stitches;

- The hook should be smooth so as not to split the thread into fiber and does not injure hands.

Most suitable for crochet lace hooks are:

00- 1,75 mm

000- 1,5 mm

4/0- 1,25 mm

5/0- 1,0 mm

6/0- 0,75 mm

8/0- 0,5 mm

Accordingly, if  a 50 grams ball containing a 300 yards of thread, you should use a hook of 1.25 - 1.5 mm. A more accurate numbering depends on the density of the crochet square (gauge), generated by crocheters.


Irish crochet lace will need some accessories. First of all it is pattern. It is best to use for that thick cotton fabric from which to cut out the exact pattern of the future product. In some cases, perhaps drawing on the pattern of the pattern arrangement of motifs. Fabric pattern is useful in the manufacture of large items, jackets, dresses, because with attached fabric motifs can be folded in several layers, leaving a small work area. In addition, the fabric is convenient to attach (tack) motifs.


For the initial attachment  motifs to the pattern it is needed a pin. It is advisable to use safety pins with plastic heads. They do not cling the threads of finished motifs and work thread.


A tablet can be useful when you create a mesh. On tablet you can stretch pattern with the help of pins. Spanned exactly pattern will help to avoid contracting the mesh, which can lead to distortion of the final size of the product and skews the picture of the pattern. The tablet can be done independently of a small board, a piece of foam rubber, covered with dense tissue. Handy size, about - 30X40 cm.


In addition for sewing of motifs need to pick up the thread with the appropriate color tone of the crochet working thread. This may be a sewing thread number 40.