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New crochet technique that is inspired by the Florentine canvas work Bargello.

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Solid & dense fabric

With the Bargello tapestry crochet you can create a very solid and dense crochet fabric. The fabric will retain its shape well and will have a rigid frame without the need for any additional i-cords.

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Bracelets: S,M,L sizes - Schachenmayr Catania Originals

For tube projects

The brick structure of the Bargello tapestry crochet provides a depth of color and rich texture due to the play of light.
Bargello patterns always have a clear coloring form. Their intricate geometric lines allow for the creation of interesting optical effects.
This technique is ideal for use in tube projects with a need for a clear and dense shape.

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Accessories & home decor

The Bargello tapestry crochet is an excellent choice for making accessories such as bracelets, bags, cases and wallets, and different designs of hats. It is also perfect for making baskets, flower pots, cup holders and many others beautiful items for your home decor.

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Crocheted etui #2 - Schachenmayr Catania Originals

Bargello tapestry crochet gallery


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How to download Bargello tapestry crochet patterns

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