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New crochet technique that is inspired by the basketry art of women of the Wounaan tribes.

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Wounaan woven basketry

The Embera-Wounaan are semi-nomadic indigenous people living between Panama and Colombia. Wounaan means “people, person or village”.

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Their coil-construction Wounaan baskets (hosig di) woven from the leaves of the black palm Astrocaryum standleyanum, called chunga. Chunga’s silk-fine strands, colored with vegetal and organic dyes, are sewn over coils of Carludovica palmate, called naguala.

Gifted weavers express their culture and their surroundings in the ‘cultural’ and ‘flora and fauna’ designs seen in their baskets. Wounaan features a stylized repetition of the flowers, roots, and leaves of plants combined to make varieties of dyes, the geometric designs and other abstract zig-zag patterns, the snake skin diamonds and lizards, the jewel-toned butterflies and birds cast into colorful action. It all comes from the forest source and relates to patterns from traditional body painting that the Wounaan still practice today.

Intense natural colors, intricate designs and exceptionally fine weave make these remarkable creations from the rainforests of Panamá and Colombia one of the rarest and most highly-regarded art forms across the globe.

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Solid & dense fabric

The Wounaan tapestry crochet makes it possible to create very solid and dense crochet fabric, which retains its shape well, or in other words to have a rigid frame without the need for any additional i-cords.

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Flat & tube projects

The rib structure of Wounaan tapestry crochet provides depth of color and rich texture due to the play of light especially in those cases where you will use yarn with a silk effect. In addition, this technique is ideal for use in flat and tube projects and always has a clear coloring form.

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Accessories & home decor

The Wounaan tapestry crochet is an excellent choice for making accessories such as bracelets, bags, cases and wallets, and different designs of hats. It is also perfect for making rugs, potholders, baskets and many others beautiful items for your home decor.

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Wounaan tapestry crochet stitch gallery


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How to download Wounaan tapestry crochet patterns

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